October 17, 2018

Digital Electronics - Getting Started

Getting Started with Digital Electronics:

You need to complete the Getting Started with Electricity before doing this step.

Before choosing a Digital Electronics Project, you should first familiarize yourself with the related technologies by taking the following steps:


Use the Arduino section of the Class Website as your reference.

1) Build a circuit on a breadboard which includes a resistor and LED. Use the Arduino and the Arduino IDE (on laptops) to write a program to blink the LED.

2) Now modify your program to change how the light blinks (for example, one short blink and then 2 long). Show Mr. Hogg.

3) Grove Components: Using an Arduino, Grove Shield, and the Arduino LED to program at least three different Grove Component based creation that has both Input and Output devices. For example, a Grove Pushbutton that controls a Grove LED Light Socket.

Digital Electronics Resources

How to Use a Breadboard

Breadboard LED Circuit

LED Info

Arduino Program (called a Sketch) that will blink an LED connected to digital Pin 13

adafruit Arduino Lessons

Arduino/Grove Libraries

Grove Component Sample Code (from Github)