October 18, 2018

Sketchup for Wood Working

NOTE that tis is a DESIGN assignments using Sketchup. You will NOT be actually making the design - unless you decide to make use of this as a part of your personal project (option for Grade 8 and 9 only).

Wood Creation Assignment

For this assignment, you will create a design that involves AT LEAST two different kinds of wood from the following list AND ONLY includes wood from the Common Wood in D & C Room List.

Possible Wood Types:

Pine Boards (any LENGTH) Plywood (any AREA): Dimensional Lumber (any LENGTH): Wooden Dowels (any LENGTH):

Your design must clearly indicate overall size and wood dimensions using the dimension tool in Sketchup.

You will ALSO need to provide a cut list and a materials pricing of this design.

Be sure you are using Sketchup 2017 (NOT Sketchup 8). Both versions may be on your computer - so be careful.

You can also try using Sketchup on the Web and login with your school gmail acccount.

More Information

Use the following Sketchup template to get started on your design:


The above template is also available here from the 3D Warehouse.

The following video tutorials may be helpful:

Getting started with Sketchup for Wood Working:

Using Sketchup to design a book case: