February 06, 2019

App Development

For this assignment you will do some coding by designing and building your own app.

Getting Started:

1) Create an account on code.org. NOTE: You will need to tell me your username when you hand in your project.

2) Join the class by going to studio.code.org/join/CTDLPR.

3) Review the app tutorials and begin planning your app!

Making Your App:

Once you have completed the above, it is time to start learning about how to make an app and designing your app.

Your Task

Design and build an App that guides the user on a tour of either:

1) All the schools you have ever attended.

2) 3-5 of your favourite places you have either been to or would like to go to.

You must include at least 4 screens in your app.

For BONUS, you can ALSO include some additional related data. Examples include population (city/country/region where the school is located) or weather (where the school is located), or use the
Google Apps sample below and include dynamically generated maps as a part of your app.

App Lab on code.org

Google Static Map Maker

Yahoo Developer Weather API

Sample App using Google Maps:

Sample App using Yahoo Weather:

NOTE: As of Jan 2019 the Yahoo Weather service was discontinued. This example needs to be updated.