February 07, 2019

Maker Skills

For this project you will be planning and creating an educational product (including text, images, and short video clips) that clearly explains skills in the D&C room.

You will work on your own to document several skills from the list of choices. You can work with a partner, but you will then be expected to do double the number of skills.


You must end up with an educational material (text, images, video) that can be put up on the class website. You MAY also produce samples, illustrations…..

  • Short Video (15-60 seconds long). Required.
  • Pictures (Optional)
  • Text
  • Voice Over

Your audience (who this is for) is fellow classmates and FUTURE classmates (Grades 7-9). Any images and video clips cannot show your face or other’s faces so that it can be put up on the class website without privacy concerns.

You will share your skill clips with the class. You can hand-in either a Google Doc with text, images, pictures, short video clips (required) OR a use iMovie.

Skill Choices

Take a look at the list of suggestions below and choose at least 5 that interest you (on your own or 10 with a partner). Once you have chosen them, give the list to Mr. Hogg.

Please note that you may not get ANY of your top topic choices. The more topics you indicate your interest for, the more likely you will get one of your chosen topics. Also note that some topics are more difficult than others, so you may get assigned one, two, or more topics to complete the assignment for.

Maker Skills List (HTML)


Mr. Hogg will give you (and partner if applicable) your assigned topics and some topic specific requirements. Now brainstorm ideas of how you will proceed to both LEARN the skill yourself and demonstrate your knowledge to others.

All topics (unless specifically stated) will require a section on safety considerations. You will need to hand-in a plan of your proposed project(s) to Mr. Hogg in the form of a storyboard.

Maker Skills Project Steps

1) Give Mr. Hogg you top 5 (or more - 10 if with a partner) skill choices. (Hand-outs with skill list are available if needed).

2) Mr. Hogg will assign a skill to you based on your selections.

3) Research the skill and see what you can learn.

4) Talk to Mr. Hogg about the skill.

5) Make a storyboard of your presentation including plan for pictures and short video clips.

6) Show your storyboard to Mr. Hogg.

7) Start practicing the skill and taking photos/videos! CHECK with Mr. Hogg BEFORE turning on or using equipment and if you need supplies (eg. Wood, etc…).

8) Make your presentation! (Google Doc, Slides, or possibly iMovie)

9) Hand-in.

10) Repeat steps 2-9.