April 04, 2019

Digital Electronics - Getting Started

Getting Started with Digital Electronics:

You need to complete the Getting Started with Electricity before doing this step (Virtual Circuits and Breadboard Circuits).

1) Build a circuit on a breadboard which includes a resistor and an LED. Use the Arduino 5V and GND pins to power your breadboard power bus. The light should turn on! If not, show Mr. Hogg.

2) Now, you are going to DISCONNECT the 5V pin connection to the Arduino and put it into one of the digital pins and then WRITE A PROGRAM to blink the LED on the breadboard by controlling the voltage to the pin you connected.

You have several choices for HOW to get the program working:

A) Use mBlock (on laptops) which is a BLOCK programming environment to control Arduino.

B) Use the Arduino IDE (on laptops) to write a program OR to download and then modify/use THIS existing program.

Once you have the above step completed, show Mr. Hogg.

3) Now modify your program to change how the light blinks (for example, one short blink and then 2 long). Try to display a word using Morse Code (see link below). Show Mr. Hogg.

4) Hand in your program (see ‘Arduino Morse Code Hand-in’ under Quick Links).

Digital Electronics Resources

Use the Arduino section of the Class Website for more info.

Morse Code Translator

How to Use a Breadboard

Breadboard LED Circuit

LED Info

Arduino Program (called a Sketch) that will blink an LED connected to digital Pin 13

adafruit Arduino Lessons

Arduino/Grove Libraries

Grove Component Sample Code (from Github)