May 06, 2019

Programming Concepts

Game Assignment

(Use this link if the above one doesn’t work)

You use EITHER the online version of Scratch OR the website:

Online Version of Scratch. See Mr. Hogg to get your own Scratch Class Account. Do not JOIN, you will be choosing “Sign In”. website. Click on Continue with Google to Sign In using your educbe account (DO not JOIN - sign-in instead).

Note that the Programming Questions (found under Quick Links) needs to be filled out once you are completed your game. This will require uploading several files including ANNOTATED SCREENSHOTS of your game. You can make a screen shot by typing 'Command+Shift+4' and selecting the area of the screen to capture. The resulting image (on your desktop) can then have text and arrows added (annotations) using the preview app on the Mac.

Tutorials and Help for Scratch

(Note that has lots of tutorials and help on their website).

Additional Tutorials