Tom Baines

Coding Club

Coding Club will have TWO sections this year:

Web Technologies

Web Tech (HTML/CSS/JS) Coding Club MEMBERS Go Herev

Tuesdays at lunch (bring your TIDY lunch) from Oct 2 to Dec 18

Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, Javascript) are NOT just for web pages anymore! Used everywere to: Build Websites (of course), Run Web Servers (backend), Build Apps (iOS and Android), Build Desktop Applications (all Operating Systems). It is POWERFUL and CROSS-PLATFORM and very useful!

Over the course of these 12 weeks we will cover (in order):

  1. HTML and CSS
  2. Programming Concepts (Javascript)
  3. Programming Challenges:
    • Calculator
    • Rock, Paper, Scissors
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • etc...

We will be using Mozilla Thimble by remixing a weekly project and eventually creating and sharing your own project.

It is RECOMMENDED that you also do self-study starting with a course on HTML/CSS and moving on to learning Javascript. Some recommended, free online courses are available at:


Tuesdays at lunch (bring your TIDY lunch) from Jan 29 to Apr 23

Python is an interesting and relatively friendly language that is growing in popularity. Used in MANY different places, including backend web development, science, engineering, math applications, and much more. We may possibly explore python coding on Raspberry Pi's (TBD) as well as in Lab 11.

Python Coding Club Links HERE!

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