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Online Design & Construction!
Show up for class using Google Meet with code: dc8hogg

Mr Hogg's email is dwhogg (with @educbe.ca after it). Please email me if you are have questions or are having troubles getting into our Google Meet classes.

Current Assignments/Projects (NEW - Technology Focus!)

Lesson Assignment (Information) Assessment (Hand In Here) Due Date
Code.org App Lab You will sign in to the code.org class and work on the "Intro to App Lab" No need to hand-in the "Intro to App Lab" course as Mr. Hogg can see your progress within the class. Due: Wed, June 9
Variable Demo App Variable Demo App Here Due: Thurs, June 10
App Development App Development Assignment Hand In App Here Due: Fri, June 11
Computer Science Discoveries CSD Unit 3 - Interactive Animations and Games This is an excellent course on additional coding concepts. OPTIONAL - Do this if you are done your app.
Robot Challenge

Robot Controller App Starter

Mars Rover Challenges

Hand In Robot Controller App Here
Lesson Assignment (Information) Assessment (Hand In Here)
Welcome Form Welcome Form (8)
Project Brainstorm

Projects Ideas

Technology Ideas

Project Brainstorm Form
Project Design Design Requirements Hand In Project Design
Project Hand-In Project Reflection and Hand-In

Other Projects

LessonAssignment (Information)Assessment (Hand In Here)
Electronics - Microbit Get a micro:bit (small electronic device).


  1. Once you have figured out how to get a program running on the microbit using the Makecode Coding Environment, move on to the Rock, Paper, Scissor challenges.
  2. Rock, Paper, Scissors.
  3. Rock, Paper, Scissors Teams Version!. Check out this Video overview of using the Bluetooth Radio for communication between microbits.
3D Design and 3D Printing Explore 3D Design and 3D printing.3D Design Projects. You can use TinkerCAD as the design software.
CAD Cube CAD Cube Assignment (Sketchup) Hand In Cube Design, Cut List, and Pricing

Woodworking Badges

This color indicates mandatory certification for any woodworking project.
TopicInformationBadge (Certification)
Shop Procedures Shop Procedures Badge
Wood Types Wood Types Info Wood Types Badge
Handsaws Handsaws Info Handsaws Badge
Finishing (Sanding) Sanding Information Finishing Badge
Scroll Saw Scrollsaw Scroll Saw Certification
Belt and Disc Sander Belt and Disc Sander Information Belt and Disc Sander Badge
(Currently Not Available)
Drill Press Drill Press Information Drill Press Certification
Bandsaw Bandsaw Information Bandsaw Certification
Power Sanders Power Sander Information Power Sander Badge
(Currently Not Available)
Assembly Assembly Info Assembly Badge
Painting and Staining Painting and Staining Info Painting and Staining Badge
Wood Burning Wood Burning Info Wood Burning Badge

CAD Woodworking Designs

LessonAssignment (Information)Assessment (Hand In Here)
CAD for Woodworking Assignment Design Submission for CAD

3D Design and Printing Info

LessonAssignment (Information)Assessment (Hand In Here)
Intro to CAD CAD Software
3D Printing Designs 3D Printing Design Submission for Printing (8)