CAD for Woodworking

CAD stands for Computer Aided Design.

For this project, you will use Sketchup to design a small wooden box. (NOTE: You can also use OnShape if you prefer, but you will not receive any instruction on how to use OnShape.)

NOTE that this is a DESIGN assignment using Sketchup. You will NOT be actually making this design - unless you decide to make use of these as a part of your personal project.

Here are the design requirements:

  • Make sure you use a metric (mm or cm) template.
    • Your box should have a width of 20 cm, length 30cm, and height of 25 cm.
    • It must be made out of ‘wood’ (JUST doing a sketch - and not actually building it!) that is 2 cm thick.
    • Your box should show the lid hinged on the top.
    • Your design needs to include sufficient dimensions to clearly indicate the overall size and individual wood piece dimensions. See example image below!
    • Place you NAME (or initials) using the **3D Text Tool# on the FRONT or TOP of the box.

You will also need to provide a cut-list and pricing for your box.

9 Materials