Future of Work Robotics


Robotics and automation are becoming increasingly powerful. They are examples of ‘Disruptive Technologies’ that are now and will continue to radically change work, industry, and our lives.

For this assignment you will be creating a short presentation based on research into one career/job area that affected by Robotics. This may be a job or career that might disappear, change, or be created by the robotics revolution.

Robotics and the Future of Work Presentation:

  • Google Slides (Title Slide + 4-8 Slides + References)
  • Identify a Job/Career being affected by (or created by) Robots.
  • Describe the future of this Career/Job. How will it change?
  • Example(s) of Robots related to this.
  • Make your presentation interesting!
  • Not TOO much text per slide.
  • Include images/videos on each slide.
  • Make sure to include references at the end of your document for any sources.

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