Robotics Challenge 9T

Cross the Gap Robotics Challenge


Your challenge is to get a ball (Wiffle Ball) across a 40cm gap between benches.

The teams with the most reliable ball transfer wins.

Ideation (Brainstorming)

  • Your FIRST task is to brainstorm 3 different robot designs to transfer the ball across the gap. EACH person needs to hand-in a brainstorm (sheet of paper) brainstorming BOTH the delivery and the receiving robots.
  • Sketch your brainstorms with sufficient detail that Mr. Hogg can understand your idea!
  • You will be using Mindstorms EV3, Lego components, as well as cardboard, tape, rubber bands, pipe cleaners, etc.

Project Details:

  • You can work with a partner or on your own forming EITHER a receiving or delivery team.
  • You will join another team (one doing receiving, one doing delivery) to form a group.
  • A gap between two benches of 40 cm will be setup.
  • DO NOT LET your robot fall off the bench!
  • Your robot MUST start entirely within the back half (away from the gap) of the bench.
  • You can only press a button to start your robot.
  • The BALL must finish in the BACK half of the bench to be considered transferred successfully.
  • Use the Makecode Mindstorms Editor to program your robot.

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