Woodworking 7

You have a few choices for the woodworking project:

This project will be an introduction to woodworking which will cover safe and skilled Use of the following Tools:

  • Handsaws (including Coping Saw and Mitre Saw)
  • Scroll Saw (including inside cuts)
  • Drill Press and Cordless Drill
  • Bandsaw

We will also cover the following woodworking skills:

  • Measuring Wood
  • Types of Wood (Plywood, Pine Boards, Dimensional Lumber, and Dowels)
  • Finishing/Sanding and Sandpaper, Files, Rasps
  • Possibly Staining/Painting
  • Possibly woodburning

Take a look at the descriptions and examples before deciding which one you would like to try.

Your first assignment is to create a Visual Prototype of your project.

Visual Prototype (Project Plan) Requirements:

You can EITHER do your plan in a CAD program like Sketchup or OnShape OR you can do your plan on paper.

Your project plan requires the following:

  1. Give your project a descriptive title (Project Choice and a description of it - eg. "Music Bookends").
  2. Must show types of wood (Use the label tool in Sketchup, or simply clearly label on your paper design).
  3. Must show dimensions (cm).
  4. Must show 3D aspect of design. You can do this by providing two or more views.

Woodworking 7

7 Design And Construction