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Javascript and Web Technologies

Javascript is (and has been for a while) one of the most popular programming languages in the world!

Because of it's origins as a 'scripting language for web browsers', some people don't realize how much Javascript has changed over the years and how powerful and versatile it is:

  • Can be used to create Desktop Applications, Mobile Applications, Web Applications, as well as websites.
  • It is used to power applications on servers (called the 'backend' of a website or web application) using node.js.

Javascript is often used with with HTML and CSS. These three technologies allow for what is known as separation of concerns:

  • HTML: Defines the structure of the user-interface of a web page/application.
  • CSS: Controls the look of the user-interface of a web page/application.
  • Javascript: Defines the behaviour (coding) of a web page/application.

We will be doing a brief exploration of HTML/CSS/Javascript in the Javascript Coding Club.

Where and When?

TBD (Typically runs from the beginning of October to Christmas break).

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