Robotics Projects

EV3 Robotics Design Challenges.

Check out this list of design challenges if you are looking for an EV3 based project to explore robotics.

Make it Move Without Wheels

Design, build and program a robot that can move itself using no wheels for locomotion.

Make It Smarter and Faster

Design, build and program a robotic creature that can sense its environment and respond by moving.

Make A System That Follows a Path and Communicates

Design, build and program a robotic system that follows a path and communicates its position at least twice along the way.

Make A Sound Machine

Make a Sound Machine that can play a rhythm, music or just noise!

Make a Security Gadget

Invent a Security Gadget that will protect your belongings by warning you!

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You may need to complete some or all of the following badges for this project:

** Indicates this badge must be completed for this project. The rest are only required if you use the related tool/skill.