Assembly refers to the skill of connecting the various pieces of your project together. Before you start to assemble, you need to make sure you have proper fit and proper finishing (usually sanding). Depending on the project, you may want to use masking tape to hold pieces together when checking for fit BEFORE asssembly with glue and/or fasteners.
Wood Glue

The most common way in the construction room to assemble wood projects is to use wood glue. Wood glue is extremely strong, non-toxic, water soluble (clean up with water). However, it takes up to 24 hours to cure to full strength. Therefore, it is important you have a system to hold your pieces firmly together while the glue dries. Clamping is generally the best solution.

Good glue-up means using not too much glue and not too little. You can use your fingers or a glue brush (silver handled) to apply a thin layer of glue - typically to the end grain if using a butt joint. When you squeeze your pieces together you should find SOME glue oozing out of the joint - but not too much. Make sure to clean excess before it dries!


If you have a project drying with clamps, do NOT put those clamps in the cupboards. Leave them on the back counters to dry.

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