Designs (Project Plans)

You will need to submit a Project Plan and Design for approval. You should CHECK FIRST with Mr. Hogg before doing the entire design to see if there is potential issues with your proposed project. Your project MAY NOT BE ALLOWED and you don't want to find out after doing all the design plans....
Project Plan Requirements:
(NOTE that SOME projects may not need all of this. Check for requirements if you are doing a technology based project.)
  1. Project Plan must include a descriptive title (what are you making?).
  2. Must include a complete and legible Visual Prototype
  3. Must include a Cut List (for woodworking projects - possibly others).
  4. Must include a Build Plan with timeline estimate (days).
You will submit your Project Plan and Design EITHER using electronic documents (Sketchup and/or Google Doc and/or Google Slides) and/or paper (submitted with photos).
Build Plan

Your Build Plan should include steps and tools. You should break it down by day (timeline). Discuss with Mr. Hogg for suggestions and possibilities.