Making circuits and programming those circuits to do cool things...

  • Makey Makey lets you make creative ways of interacting with a computer.
  • Micro:bit is a cool integrated chip that includes sensors and lights and can be programmed.
  • Adafruit Circuit Playground Express is another cool integrated chip that includes sensors, lights, and more and can be programmed. This is a great choice if you want to start programming using block programming (similar to scratch), then try your hand at programming it using Javascript or Python or even use the Arduino IDE to programming in C/C++.
  • Arduino is a very powerful and popular micro-controller that can be used to take in information (sensors) and control things (lights, motors,…).
  • Raspberry Pi is a very powerful and popular micro-computer that can be used for many of the same things an Arduino does, but also is a capable computer! Great platform to learn how to code.
  • Grove Components are a simpler system for plugging in things like sensors and motors to a controller such as the Arduino.
  • Breadboard’s are handy ways of connecting electrical things (components like switches and lights) with wires. Used to prototoype circuits.

You may need to complete some or all of the following badges for this project:

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Digital Electronics

You must succesfully complete the Bronze Certification Badge for the Digital Electronics after familiarizing yourself with this.

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