Raspberry Pi

** Getting Started with Raspberry Pi in the D&C Room **

  • Get a Pi

    • The Pi’s are located in the front left cabinets beneath the TV. Get the box with the number of your bench. Most of the boxes have two pi’s.
    • The Pi will indicate on it if it is for a large or small monitor. Get the appropriate monitor. Also get a keyboard and mouse.
    • FIRST hook up all the cables for monitor/keyboard/mouse, THEN plugin the box (power).
    • IF you don’t see anything show up on the monitor, you may need to change the input source (find button on side of big monitors or bottom of small ones). The Big ones should be on HDMI and the small on VGA.
  • Fix the Date and Time

    • The Pi has no internal battery so the date and time will be wrong. The result is when you connect to the internet, you will get strange security errors related to trying to negotiate a secure connection. To fix, go to terminal and do the following command:

      sudo date --set ‘2020-MM-DD HH:MM’

      (where MM is the month, DD date, and HH is 24 hour clock. FOR EXAMPLE, ‘2020-02-05 16:04’ for Feb 5, 4:05 PM 2020).

  • Connect to the internet

    • Click on the browser (Chromium) and go to wifi.cbe.ab.ca (the wifi network selected should be ‘CBE Get Connected’)
    • Select GUEST (not student) to login.
  • Setup the Pi

    • Sometimes it is a good idea to do an update. To do the update, go to terminal and do the following commands (making sure you have connected to the internet first!).
      sudo apt update
      sudo apt full-upgrade

Now, you are ready to enjoy Pi!

There are many things that go well with Pi, one of them is python!.

To setup an blank microSD card with Raspbian (the OS for the Pi), instructions can be found here.

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